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Empowering Young Voices

Podcasting Adventures with "Kids on Earth"

Creating "Kids on Earth"

The goal of the podcasting classes was to empower young students to explore their unique perspectives and develop their communication skills through the medium of podcasting. Over the course of several visits, we worked together to craft and produce "Kids on Earth," a podcast that showcased the lives, interests, and experiences of children living in our rural community. The process involved brainstorming topics, conducting interviews, writing scripts, and learning the technical aspects of recording and editing.

Unleashing Creativity & Building Confidence

One of the most inspiring aspects of the project was witnessing the students' creativity come alive. The podcast served as a platform for them to discuss their hobbies, dreams, challenges, and the unique aspects of growing up in a rural region. From sharing their love for sports and outdoor activities to discussing their favorite places in the Catskills, each episode offered a glimpse into the rich tapestry of their lives.

As the students honed their interviewing skills, they developed a sense of confidence and accomplishment. They learned how to ask thoughtful questions, actively listen to their peers, and engage in meaningful conversations. Through this process, they not only expanded their communication skills but also developed empathy and a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within their own community.


The podcasting classes taught through the CROP Afterschool program in collaboration with the Roxbury Arts Group were a resounding success. The "Kids on Earth" podcast not only provided a platform for young voices to be heard but also fostered a sense of community, empathy, and creativity. Projects like "Kids on Earth" highlight the immense potential of podcasting as a tool for empowerment and self-expression.

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