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Glad to Chat with Cheryl Clarke

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Black Lesbian poet Cheryl Clarke. She and her partner reside in our local "book village" of Hobart, NY. During our conversation, Cheryl explained the profound impact of having a solid queer community during her tenure at Rutgers University in the 1960s. She emphasized how this support system empowered her to push against an oppressive status quo and embrace her authentic self fully. 

She also shared about how she arrived in the upper Catskills, her role as founder and organizer of the Hobart Festival of Women Writers, among other topics. 

As I wrap up interviews for my Living Archive documentary project, Cheryl's perspective adds invaluable depth to the narrative. I feel deeply honored to count her among our community's creative forces and a cherished friend. 

As the documentary comes together, I will keep you in the look.

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