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Reflecting on Black History Month

The visionary writer and thinker, James Baldwin, has left an indelible mark on me—I consider him a mentor, as

even in death, his words remain as relevant as when he first spoke them. His wisdom and unapologetic pursuit of truth have transformed the way I navigate this world.

In his own words, he reminds us: "It goes without saying, I believe, that if we understood ourselves better, we would damage ourselves less. But the barrier between oneself and one's knowledge of oneself is high indeed. There are so many things one would rather not know."

As this nation celebrates Black History Month, I am reminded of Baldwin's words and the ongoing work needed to see ourselves individually and as a culture, to truly recognize that Black History IS American History.

Through the Living Archive Project, I aim to help to integrate the important roles of Black and brown people in my rural region's story of itself. We are an integral part of the historic landscape and are part of the future. We are present now! 🖤

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